The Eastern Province and where to explore

 Eastern Province is the largest, the most populous and the least densely populated of Rwanda's five provinces.


It has seven provinces; Bugesera, Gatsibo, Kayonza, Ngoma, Kirehe, Nyagatare and Rwamagana.


The Eastern Province comprises the former provinces of Kibungo and Umutara, most of Kigali Rural, part of Byumba 

and Akagera National Park is situated in this province.

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Akagera National Park

 Akagera National Park spans 1,200 square kilometers of diverse landscapes and is renowned for its rich wildlife, including the "Big Five" - elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinoceroses. Conservation efforts have led to a resurgence of these iconic species, making the park a popular destination for safari enthusiasts. Managed collaboratively by the Rwanda Development Board and African Parks, Akagera contributes to local communities' livelihoods and Rwanda's sustainable tourism industry.

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Bugesera Bird Watching 

Situated in the southeastern part of Rwanda, Bugesera district is part of the Eastern Province. Renowned for its exceptional birdwatching opportunities, Bugesera offers enthusiasts a diverse array of avian species to observe. Alongside the Gashora Birdwatching Spot, prominent locations such as Rumira, Kamatana, and Mbuganzeri also attract birdwatchers. These sites host a variety of species including the striking Papyrus Gonolek, Green and Marsh Sandpipers, Purple Swamphens, Common Moorhens, and more. Despite changes in habitat due to factors like agricultural expansion and wetland degradation, Bugesera remains a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts, showcasing Rwanda's rich avian biodiversity.  

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Lake Muhazi

Lake Muhazi, nestled in the eastern expanse of Rwanda, stands out with its elongated form and shallow depths. Encompassing a significant portion of the Eastern Province, it gracefully extends across the region, while its western fringes mark the boundary between the Northern Province and Kigali City. 

This scenic lake allures both residents and tourists, providing a tranquil retreat amidst the captivating natural scenery that Rwanda has to offer.

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Lake Cyohoha South

Lake Cyohoha South, also recognized as Cyohoha Sud in Rwanda or Lake Cohoha in Burundi, is a diminutive body of water situated in East Africa. It spans the boundary between Burundi and Rwanda. Within Rwanda, it is referred to as Cyohoha South to distinguish it from the adjacent Cyohoha North, which is considerably smaller and lies approximately 10 miles to the north within Rwanda. There is a variety of activities there, including, boat riding, camping with Cyohoha camp site, and more. 

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Ntarama Genocide Memorial

On April 14th, 1995, the Church of Ntarama underwent conversion into a genocide memorial, commemorating the 5,000 individuals who perished there. As one of Rwanda's six National Genocide Memorial Sites, Ntarama houses human remains, attire, and relics associated with those who met their demise within the church premises, which are perpetually exhibited.  

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Akanyaru River

The Akanyaru River serves as the principal tributary of the Nyabarongo river. Originating in the western highlands of Rwanda and Burundi, it flows in an eastward and then northward direction, running along the border between the two nations before eventually merging with the Nyabarongo River.  

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